Comic pressing and cleaning can remove minor defects such as small dents and dings, finger/thumb bends/dents, non color-breaking creases, dirt, waviness from moisture and most storage and spine rolls. Removing these defects can often raise the grade of your books and the results have been phenomenal.

  • Modern Comic Pressing & Cleaning (1978-current)

  • $14.00*

  • Standard Pressing & Cleaning (pre-1978)

  • $25.00*

*Books with a fair market value of $4000 or more will be charged an additional fee for pressing services of 1% of FMV. Pressing Service costs do not include grading. If you would like your books pressed but you do not want them graded, we will gladly do that for you.

We can also pre-sceen your books for pressing at no charge. All you have to do is make a note on your submission form. We will only charge you for books where condition can be improved.

Pressing and cleaning comic books is a very delicate process. Please be aware that our Pressing Service may add more time to your turnaround date when using the Express and Next Day Grading Services.

This submission form is super easy to fill out. It calculates all the costs for you.


If you have any problems with the submission form, please contact us or use the old submission form.