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If you’ve been looking for Professional … Reliable … Consistent …3rd Party Comic Book Grading, you’ll be glad you found us!

Been struggling to find a good comic book grading company that delivers on time and doesn’t cost an arm and leg? Your search is over. Professional Grading eXperts … PGX … has been building its reputation for uncompromising grading, expertise and consistency as well as unmatched customer service, since 2003.

We are now the 1st company ever to offer to authentication signatures under our new SIGNATURE AUTHENTICATION Service!

We are also now offering an amazing PRESSING/PREP service!


Comic Book Collectors and Comic Book Resellers benefit from PGX’s:

  • Dependable, reasonable turn-around times … 20 business days, 8 day express, even 1 business day if you need it
  • Exceptional, professional reputation… 90+ years combined experience in the comic industry and grading, 11+ years in business as a grading company.
  • Reasonable fees …  best pricing in the market.
  • Ease of Comic Book Submission … Fill out our simple form on your computer or by hand.
  • Optimal Protection Comic Book Holder … the envy of the industry!
  • PGX does not charge customers more $$$ based on what their books are worth! (EVERYONE ELSE CHARGES YOU MORE!)
  • And PGX never requires a subscription or membership fee in order to submit your books and you never have to submit through a middleman.

It’s your choice where you send your comic books for grading. But thousands of PGX Comic Collector customers tell us it’s a no-brainer.

Upcoming shows: Send us your books and we will get them signed for you. See the Signature Edition link for more info.

Wizard World Chicago August 21st – 24th

Rose City Comic Con September 20th and 21st (We will be doing on-site grading at this show)