Legal Info

PGX’s grading is based on the PGX Grading Standards developed by PGX and the opinions of the PGX Grading Team and does not guarantee complete acceptance in the marketplace. The assigned grade represents our opinion, as grading can be subjective. A restoration check is made on every book that comes through PGX. Every effort is made to detect restoration, but we do not guarantee the result.

The PGX Holder was engineered so any tampering will be readily noticeable. For certification to be valid, the PGX Holder needs to be fully intact with unbroken seals and holographic security stickers. The PGX Holder can be safely opened if the owner wishes to remove the book. The opening the holder does void the certification. PGX cannot be held responsible for any damage to any book that is not in PGX’s possession. If you would like instructions on opening the holder, please contact us or see the website.

To ensure the maximum in protection for your comic books, proper storage is advised. Keeping your books in a non-active, dark, humidity and temperature controlled area is optimal. Keeping them away from extremes of light, temperature, moisture, and any other possible hazards will help guarantee the long life of comic books in the PGX Holder.

Once a book has been entered into the grading system the full cost of the service is realized. The encapsulation of each book in an inner and outer holder is an additional service provided at no charge for each book. International orders cannot always be insured for the same amount when being returned.

Submissions that have not been paid for and have been held for one month past the expected ship date of the order will begin to incur storage fees. Storage fees will be $100 per month or 3% of the total value of the books per month retroactive to the date the books were due to ship. If three months pass without full payment books will become property of PGX and will be liquidated to recoup grading and other fees.

Orders are insured by PGX only when books are in the direct control of PGX at the PGX offices. Once any books have been shipped, passed on to the shipping company or 3rd party to any of the major carriers, any and all responsibility is transferred to the shipping company. PGX cannot be held responsible for any items lost during shipping or once any book have left the control of PGX and the PGX offices.

You are welcome to view, copy, print out, and use the content on this website only for your own personal use, providing that there is no modification of any text, graphics, or other content, and that it is used for informational and noncommercial uses only.  All images not directly owned by PGX are the sole copy write of their owners.

All efforts are made to guarantee the information and materials included in this website are accurate. PGX cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or errors that are made on this website. We make every effort to maintain accurate information on its website, to satisfy all our customers’ wants and needs, and to offer the absolute best services at the lowest cost possible.