Services & Pricing

Standard turnaround time is 30 business days.

We also offer an Express and Next Day Grading Service for those who would like to receive their books faster.

PGX Services & Prices:

Service Description Cost
Modern Comic Grading Books published from 1978-current $13.00
Standard Comic Grading Books published before 1978. $20.00
Modern Comic Pressing Books published from 1978-current. $13.00
Standard Comic Pressing Books published before 1978. $25.00
Signature/Art Authentication Authenticate your signed and/or sketched books and receive one of our exclusive Gold Signature Labels. $15.00 (books with multiple signatures are only $10 for each additional signature after the first)
Art Encapsulation Without Grading Have your original sketch art and blank cover comics encapsulated without grading under our exclusive original signature label! $15.00 per sketch
Witnessed Signatures Signatures witnessed by an authorized PGX representative. $8.00
Next Day Grading Service Our fastest tier with a 3-business day turnaround. $40.00 per book
Express Grading Service Our most popular tier with an 8-business day turnaround. add $5.00 per book
Fix Damaged Case Replace damaged, scratched, or scuffed cases with a fast turnaround. $9.00
Relabel w/New Label Have your old PGX Graded books updated with one of our NEW LABELS! $11.00

Exception: Books that have a FMV of $5,000 or more have a fee of 1% with a fee cap of $100.

Books that have a FMV of $5,000 or more for pressing have a fee of 1% with a fee cap of $150.

Original fees are included in the 1%.

Shipping Cost for United States & Canada: 

Please note that we can only ship up to 30 books in one box so you will need to take this into account when submitting larger orders. Also, pressing is a very delicate process, so please be aware that it will add time to the Express and Next Day Grading Services.

Number of Books Domestic Shipping Cost Canadian Shipping Cost
1 $7.50 $15.50
2 $11.00 $38.50
3-5 $15.00 $50.00
6-30 $15.00 plus $1.00 per book after the first five. (i.e: 10 books=$20.00) $50.00 plus $3.20 per book after the first five. (i.e: 10 books=$66.00)

Insurance is required on all orders and should be purchased based upon the fair market value of your books (as determined by you).

Fair Market Value (FMV) Insurance Cost
$1.00-$100.00 $4.00
Over $100 $4.00 plus $0.50 per additional $100 of Fair Market Value.

We accept payment made by credit card, personal check, money order or we can send you an invoice via PayPal using your PayPal email address. Just fill in your PayPal email address on the credit card number line. Payment must be made before your order can be returned. If you need us to schedule a payment time or contact you for payment information, please make a note on your submission form in the billing information section.