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PGX’s reliable, consistent Comic Book Grading services’ for Collectors and Resellers.

 How we grade comics.
Every book submitted to PGX undergoes a painstakingly careful and thorough grading & certification process conducted by our professional grading team.

Then each graded comic book has a PGX Certification Label; is carefully encapsulated in PGX’s inner holder with a security seal;  cased in our exclusive PGX Outer Holder; meticulously packaged; and sent on its way back to you… on time… as promised!

Tips on how to Select Comics to be Graded.
Click on the Tips link if you need help choosing which comics you should have graded .

Selecting the PGX Service you need.
PGX Service Level has only 2 determining factors:
  Your comic’s Age (publication date) and your selected Turn-Around-Time are used to determine the PGX grading service level.  See the chart below to determine which service fits for each of your comics.

PGX Grading Service Levels

Your Cost

Turn-Around / Ship Status

Modern Age service

published 1978 to present 

$13 ea.

20 Days*



Standard service

published pre 1978

$20 ea.

20 Days*


PGX-PRESS! service

This is our Express service, not for the pressing/prep service.

Available for Modern and Standard Service books ONLY!

+$5.00 to each

8 Days*

Next Day service*

This service is available for all books!

$40 ea.

1 Day


Re-Certify service

For books re-graded by PGX



PGX Additional Services & NOTES:

Signature Edition: $8 per signature (this service is for books that PGX or a PGX rep witnesses or personally has signed at any show we are attending)

Signature Authentication: $15 per signature (this service is available for any book that has a signature or signatures that were not witnessed by PGX. They will be Authenticated and be encapsulated under our new PGX Authentication label.

Prep/Pressing services: This is an amazing services and can do wonders for books that qualify.

Modern books (1978 to present) $13 per book

Standard (1977 and prior) $25 per book

We will make every attempt for this service to NOT affect our normal turnaround times but it could add up to three days to the time frame.

Return Time Defined as the number of “business days” between us receiving your comic books and us grading and shipping them back to you. We guarantee our posted return times to within 4 business days of expected turnaround time, and often books are returned sooner than posted return times. If we keep your books for more than 4 business days over the posted return times, we will provide compensation.  * Orders of 30+ books may have slightly longer turn-around times though generally do not.  We’ll contact you with that information upon receiving your order if needed.

*Pricing is $50 for Next Day orders that are dropped off, $75 per book for Same Day service. (No FMV limits ever of course). (discounts may be applied)


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Books came in today…great packaging! Cases all looked spot on…some grades were lower than expected some higher than expected…can’t wait to see 2nd batch! …once I get back 2nd batch I have more to ship out. Awesome turn around! My opinion…so far you guys rock!

Received my last order today and all I can say is, “PGX rocks!” and wonder why anyone uses cgc and not PGX. Thanks very much! and i am working on more comics to send in as we speak!
Thanks to you and all your staff!

Hello, Thanks so much! I just received the box today and can’t believe how fast your service is, very impressed! If you can send me the grader notes, and it’s not too much trouble, I would love to take a look. Thanks so much for the great service! James

Just got the books! Thanks so much man-I love it when I get a 9.9! So cool!
-I want to become your best customer ever!
Thanks again, Colin Bush

I just received my Journey into Mystery #83, “4.0″.
I’d like to thank you for the incredibly fast turnaround time, excellent communication and fair grading. Adam